Moedoo smart bean sprout machine

The bean sprout machine could be used as a humidifier as well. Moedoo for health!

Start to know Moedoo

Healthy sprouts,Sweetish!

Having the sprout made by yourself is a taste of health and happiness!

Moedoo bean sprout machine is a wise choice for its`ultrasonic all-round degree spray irrigation and unique automatic sewage discharging system.The bean sprout is cultivated under a pressurized transparent cap, which makes the bean sprout crispy and stout, that could be also directly observed. The material of this bean sprout machine is safer with food compliance specificity.Intelligent temperature control and humidification system provides you additive free and healthy bean sprout willingly.


Moedoo bean sprout machine could bing the heathy and delicious food to a family of four.

All-round spray irrigation

Unique irrigation model

Abandon the traditional spray and dripping method adoptted by ordinary bean sprout machine, Moedoo bean sprout machine applies ultrasonic to atomize the water and irrigate from up and down in an all-round way so that every bean sprout is evenly soaked and to achieve a high sprout rate. During the high temperature season, spray irrigation is able to prevent bacterial from breeding, bean sprout from rotting and stinking.

Intelligent Control

Automatic constant temperature and humidity

Constant temperature and humidity are the key factors for bean sprout breeding. Moedoo bean sprout machine adjust the spray according to the humidity so as to ensure the most fitted moisture, adjust the temperature to mostly fit the breed , meanwhile to save electricity and shorten the growth period.

Easily water adding

Hydropower separation

The water tank of Moedoo is a closed one which is separate from its host base, making it safer with a thoroughly separation between its water and electricity.One simple press of the button adds water into the tank. The water tank of Moedoo is transparant and safer with food compliance specificity.


The growth of the bean sprout could be observed through the transparant inner cap, which could also be used to pressurize.

Moedoo has two layers of cap, one for shade (with three selective colors: white, green and blue), one for pressurize.Open the shading cap, one could observe the growth of the bean sprout through the transparant cap.

The cultivating disk is about 6 cm away from the inner transparant cap. The method of pressurizing breed could make the bean sprout crispy,stout,nutritious and sweet.

Automatic Sewage discharging

The unique condensate tank avoids the secondary pollution.

Ordinary bean sprout machine recycled the water into tank and sprays it on bean sprout again, inevitably bringing secondary pollution to bean sprout.

Moedoo bean sprout machine equips a condensate tank, into which the sewage is discharged, avoiding secondary pollution.

A Humidifier

One key switches to humidifying, with three types of humidifying.

When its` bean sprout function is not used, it`s just a perfect humidifier.

Massive micron grade spray spouts with no noise, making itself a good company in your living room or study room.

Easy cleanout


The tray is easy to be dismantled and washed. Water in the tank is not recycled, which means the water tank is easy to be washed as well.

Top-level material

Food grade materials

All the materials for Moedoo bean sprout machine are with food compliacne speciality, avoiding the applying of renewed material. The transparent water tank and inner top cap are made from the material which is the same with a nursing bottle.

Safe non-toxic

Detail-minded, humanization design

To provide the most convenient operation and better bean sprout, every process is thoroughly examined and experimented.

Easy to operate

Maintain the most regular-used function, by pressing different times of one button, the Bean Sprout machine could seed and humidify.

Easy to assemble

Compared with traditional bean sprout machine, Moedoo is easier and faster to assemble with less module.

Visualized beauty

Different from traditional bean sprout outlook, it is streamlined.

More advanced technology

Transparent inner cover applies the technology of namo coating from German.

Three colors to select

Multi-colored to meet different affections